Stanzas of Light

Creating Video Poems for Artists and Artisans

Packages and Prices

Prices for these videos vary but range from about $300 for edited video to $5,000 for short films. All packages include free copies of the DVD, hi definition files, and uploads to YouTube and / or Vimeo. We can of course also create new custom packages for you.

NEW VALUE PACKAGE: I used to teach video production at Landmark College, and can show you how to shoot your own video. I can edit footage that you shoot, and create a video for you. This service is done at an hourly rate of $30 an hour. The following example cost about $300 to create.

PACKAGE TWO $2,000 EXAMPLE Carving Curved Clay. Over 45,000 hits on YouTube as of August 15, 2012. Sales have resulted from this video. “More than one person who has bought our tiles has said that they did so because they saw this video about how the tiles are made” Ellen Pratt, for Natalie Blake Studios
In package Two videos, ALL the images are of artisans creating their work. A narrative is created that captures the creation of the artisans’ art. Package Two videos include more shots from different camera angles, incorporate studio sounds into the video, and require more intensive editing than package one videos. This additional effort in editing is needed to ensure the video poem comes to its natural completion at the same time that the music reaches its natural conclusion.

Package Three videos all capture the creation process of the artisans, but include other themes as well. The artisan works with the videographer to choose these additional themes. These videos involve great attention to detail editing and have some similarity to a short film. The client-producer chooses the genre of music, and reviews the first draft or, “cut” of the film, and collaborates with me throughout the process.

EXAMPLES The Singing Tree ,  Opals, Gold, Pearls and Water and   Sand on Fire

Package Four videos have all the features of Package Three videos, but also include clues that lead to a hidden art object made by the artisan. For example, we buried a fine art vase made my Randi Solin, and hid clues in her video that tell how to find exactly where in the United States it is buried.

EXAMPLE: Sand on Fire

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