Stanzas of Light

Creating Video Poems for Artists and Artisans

Treasure Hunts and Clues

Mysterious marble message concerning buried treasure

In some of our videos, I bury clues as to where we have buried treasure. The image above occurs in “Sand on Fire”. It is a crucial clue as to where we hid the fine art vase created by Solinglass Studios.

Why bury works of art in the earth?

The feature film I am creating is titled “Finding Beauty”. Beauty, especially natural beauty, inspires hope, and is a value. I try to fill every frame of my films with beauty, whether it be beautiful movements or beautiful alignments with the music that we have chosen.
Sometimes some of these moments pass by so quickly that they can be missed. I like to think that watching my films can be an opportunity for the viewer to notice all the instances that I have created. Combining this opportunity with the chance to piece together clues that can lead the viewer to beauty that is hidden within the earth seems like a natural thing to do. So, I am doing it. Good luck.