Stanzas of Light

Creating Video Poems for Artists and Artisans

Example 1: Natalie Blake Studios

“More than one person who has bought our tiles has said that they did so because they saw this video about how the tiles are made”
Ellen Pratt, for Natalie Blake Studios

“Rolf, this film is really so amazing. You took the simplest material and made it sexy, yummy, inspiring, rejuvenating. I haven’t had time to properly thank you for all the hard work you did and also to thank you for your brilliance and creativity. We are SO LUCKY to have you!!!” Natalie Blake

Carving Curved Clay is a poem about the creation of hand carved tiles. It was created for Natalie Blake Studios and Unalun Tiles, and used on her website to show how her fine art tiles are created by hand. $2,000

(click here to go see how they use the video on their website.)