Stanzas of Light

Creating Video Poems for Artists and Artisans

Why Hire Us?

Rolf taught video production at Landmark College before starting Stanzas of Light. Almost anyone can create a video, but quality really does matter.

“Carving Curved Clay” is currently bringing in new potential customers to Natalie Blake’s website everyday, has received 90,000 hits since its release, and has resulted in sales of her art.

We offer different video packages to fit different artists budgets, starting at around $250 for edited videos and ranging upwards to $5000 for our most in depth and elaborate works.

Whether you choose one of the simplest or one of the most elaborate video packages, you are provided 1st drafts of the video as it is being created. You can choose to have additional themes in the film, and also help choose the music that will be used as the sound track. Your input is sought during each step of the creative process that goes into the making of your film.


“More than one person who has bought our tiles has said that they did so because they saw this video about how the tiles are made”
Ellen Pratt, for Natalie Blake Studios

“Rolf was an amazing creative spirit to work with !
He came in with strong ideas of his own which was really helpful for me and yet he was willing to hear me and change his ideas when necessary to fit my needs.”

Randi Solin of Solinglass Studios

“Rolf, this film is really so amazing. You took the simplest material and made it sexy, yummy, inspiring, rejuvenating. I haven’t had time to properly thank you for all the hard work you did and also to thank you for your brilliance and creativity. We are SO LUCKY to have you!!!”
Natalie Blake

Stanzas of Light creates short films for artisans that get watched and help obtain sales, as well as interest. Carving Curved Clay has garnered more than 39,000 hits on You Tube since it was first released, and resulted directly in sales for Natalie Blake’s wall murals. Any production company can create a video to put on your website, but not all videos will be artistically compelling poems that draw viewers to your site. I have taught video production at Landmark College, and can teach you how to shoot video yourself so that the cost of the video can be made affordable as well as beautiful and effective.

These videos are hosted on You Tube, and then embedded on the artisans’ websites. If you are a skilled artisan, and interested in adding video to your website, contact me at

Creating A Feature Length Film

The real goal, is to draw some of these films about the Creation of Beautiful and Useful things, Great Books, Treasure, and Art, together into a feature length film, and then, take over the world.

Types of Videos

All videos created by Stanzas of Light document the beauty of the artisan’s work.

Videos such as The Singing Tree: Genesis of a violin, are also short meditation on other themes.

Videos such as Sand on Fire: Work versus Play, are the most involved. Besides being a promotional video, and a poem or meditation on other themes, it is also a treasure hunt for one of the artisan’s works of art.

Prices for these videos vary but range from around $250 to $5,000. Deep discounts offered if more than three videos are ordered. Contact me if you have questions at